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Supplies Needed to Start Your Own Window Cleaning Business

Thinking about starting a window cleaning business? Here is a list of things you will need to buy before you start.

- Buckets: these come in all shapes and sizes, and they do come in your expected price range!

- Safety goggles: now those are not cheap, but you'll need those as well as lots of them since it's a dangerous job! You'll also want to consider getting some replacement lenses for when they inevitably get fogged up with the cleaning solution.

- Extension poles: if you have long arms, this is a good option for cleaning windows. Otherwise, buy a standard-sized pole and invest in a long handle to make it easier for you to reach the top of high windows.

- Gloves: not your garden variety gloves, but the thick rubber type. These are very important as they protect your hands from ladders, glass, and cleaning solutions.

- Ladders: you'll want a variety of ladders ranging from a short one that is 5 feet up to a tall one that is 25 feet high!

- Soap and water: this is the key ingredient in any window cleaning mixture. You can choose to use vinegar or ammonia instead if you prefer.

- Mixture: this is the fun part! It would help if you mixed up a good cleaning solution to clear off dirt, grime, and bugs. I recommend you test the mixture on an area of glass that is not visible before making it. You can then adjust the solution as needed and create a spray bottle that will allow you to apply the solution without standing at the window ledge for hours.

- Protective clothing and footwear: this is especially important if your window cleaning business is on a commercial level. If it's just for your own home or property, then some old clothes or plastic coveralls will do. However, if you are working on city property, then some business clothing is the order of the day. You'll also need work gloves that will not leave any lint or hair (or worse!) on the windows that you clean.

After you have your supplies, there are two important things to remember about starting your own window cleaning business. One is that you'll need to get a permit for businesses like this. This is especially true if it's for a commercial endeavor. However, some towns (like my own) do not require this permit because window cleaning falls under the category of "home improvement work.

Is it profitable to run a window cleaning business? Yes. There was a time when I thought this would be not easy, but it's much easier than you'd think. Here are some tips when it comes to how you should market your business:

- Do not spend too much money on advertising or marketing for your business. You can do it later if you need to, but start with some basic stuff like word of mouth and flyers.

- Start small! This will be beneficial because it will save you money the first few months of starting your business. Then, once things are going well, you can go into more expensive advertising strategies that will promote your window cleaning business.

- Start with your own home. Going Here will help you get the hang of the whole process before you start taking on customers. Your family will appreciate it, and then you can work on making a great name for yourself.

- Be careful about how many customers you take at first. Maybe start with one or two jobs per week if possible so that you don't overextend yourself! It can be harder work than you think, so don't burn out by working too hard at the beginning.

- You'll need to do some legwork before starting any business like this. You'll want to survey your competition and find out what they charge for their services. You can also check out what equipment they use so you can have a better idea of what you'll need to buy. Some things are just too expensive initially, so save money by having some patience before making that big purchase! Want to start y

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